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"Getting you connected to the world."

    Is your software safe?
    Yes, it's completely safe. Because the software installed on your computer calls our technician's computer, there is no way a hacker can attack your computer while our tech is repairing it. Furthermore, all transmissions between your computer and our tech's computer are encrypted using 256 SSL encryption.

    Once I install your software, will you be able to access my computer anytime?
    Absolutely not! Your privacy is very important to us. While we are fixing your computer, you'll be able to see everything that we are doing as if we were there. And once the Technician disconnects from the session, our software is automatically uninstalled and completely removed making it impossible for us to connect back to your computer without you beginning another session and reinstalling our software. At all times you remain in complete control of your mouse and keyboard and have the option of disconnecting a technician immediately.

    Will you be able to access my files without my knowledge?
    No! You will be able to see everything we see and do. As mentioned above, once we are finished the software will automatically uninstall itself making the ability of your computer requesting help from our technician impossible without you beginning another session and reinstalling our software.

    I'm skeptical. What if you can't resolve my problem?
    The concept of having your computer fixed remotely is new to home users, although many corporate IT departments have been doing this for years. The fact is that there are only a few types of problems we cannot fix remotely. If we are unable to resolve your problem, you will not be charged.

    I have a firewall. Will I have to turn it off?
    No. We wouldn't want you to compromise your computer's protection. This is precisely why our software installed on your computer calls us. This way, you never have to configure and compromise your firewall. Some firewall software however will ask you to permit our software to access the Internet (and call us). This is ok, and is just like allowing Internet Explorer to access the Internet. In some cases your firewall software may be part of the problems. In these cases, we'll have you temporarily run your computer with your firewall software disabled.

    I'm using a dial-up connection. Can you still help me?
    Yes. Our software is designed to maximize connectivity with minimal bandwidth. In rare cases, if your connection is too slow or you are using a satellite system we will likely experience too much delay to be able to provide service. If you think your connection is too slow, we are always happy to try and see how it goes.