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"Getting you connected to the world."

With the growth of the Internet and the abundance of PC's in each home, running cables throughout your home or office can be a messy, expensive, and time consuming task. Setting up a secure wireless network has become the new trend in home networking. While the main benefit is ALL WIRELESS, there are other benefits to setting up a home wireless network. They include:

  • Internet access on multiple computers at same time via High Speed Internet (Cable, DSL, etc.)
  • Share files and folders between multiple computers
  • Share printer(s) between multiple computers
  • Access the Internet from your laptop anywhere in your household, including outside on your deck!
  • Secure 128bit encryption
  • Parental control via the router interface

We will guarantee our wireless network and include a free year of wireless support for any wireless issue that may arise.

Our typical wireless installation package includes:

  • Wireless router installed and configured
  • Network adapters installed and configured for desktops and laptops
  • Configure file and printer sharing between PC's
  • Secure 128bit encryption setup

Here is a listing of other wireless networking components that can be installed on your network:

  • Wireless Print Server
  • Wireless Web Camera for home security
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Range Extenders

Our package prices vary depending on amount of PC's and components so Contact Us today for your instant quote!